Exciting industries

31 Aug

Cleantech.  Renewables, energy storage, energy production, energy efficiency, sustainable design.  Current energy sources are diminishing and negatively impacting our environment, what technologies will power the future?  How will this effect our lifestyles?

Healthcare.  Fitness, medical devices, healthcare software, neuroscience.  People are living very unhealthy lifestyles.  Many ‘outdated’ diseases still killing millions all over the world.  Cancer.  What can we do to increase life expectancy?

Entertainment.  Games, movies, music.  Technology is pushing the limits on the level of immersion we expect from our entertainment experiences, but at the heart of good entertainment lies some very fundamental concepts.

Food/Agriculture.  Growing population, especially in emerging markets and third world countries.  How can we meet the demand?  How can we feed the hungry?  How can we be healthier?

Internet.  Social networks, viral phenomenon.  The extremely powerful ability to share information in an instant.  How can we harness the internet to improve life?

Space travel.  The worlds going to blow up some day.  Where do we go?  What’s out there?

These are some of my interests.  What are you interested in???


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