And in the natural course of things…

12 Aug

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As summer comes to an end, new transitions begin.  Out goes the summer job, the traveling abroad, the couch potatoing and old friends. In comes a new school semester, new people and new ideas.  Some things are hard to let go of, others we are happy to rid ourselves of.  Some will embrace new challenges and opportunities, while others will worry about the unknown.

It’s important that we don’t mindlessly transition.  There is a huge opportunity during transition points to learn from the past and alter our course going forward.  Just take a few minutes and reflect on questions like the following…

  1. Did I have goals? Did I meet my goals?
  2. What have I learned from my experiences?
  3. How has my direction changed? How should I change my direction?

As you reflect on your past and make plans for the future, you can start viewing your life as a story.  A good story is all about transitions.  From poverty to riches, from criminal to hero, or from depression to happiness, we revel in the protagonist’s transitions.

So what’s your next chapter?


One Response to “And in the natural course of things…”

  1. Will The Music Man August 15, 2010 at 3:32 PM #

    Why is my e-mail required, this worries me.

    But, nevertheless, I shall leave a comment. I liked this post; it is always important to take sometime to orient yourself in today’s increasingly fast-paced environment.

    To take it further, although transition periods are by far the most important times to reflect, I believe introspective time is important everyday. You never know how understanding yourself will improve your life on an everyday, regular basis.

    We remember the transitions in life most vividly, but it is through the mundane and the small things that, I think, make the biggest impact.

    LOL on me trying to get deep. Also, I want in on this, we discuss tomorrow. I have proposition.

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