Our Lives are Spent in Boxes

31 Jul

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We sleep in our “home-box,” we work in our “job-box,” we learn in our “classroom-box.” It seems life, nowadays, has us cubed-in, enclosed and withdrawn from the outside world; away from nature, away from others, away from our mother: Earth.

The reality of the matter is, people have become complacent that this is the way life should be spent — hurrying from one box to the next. They are told this is the right way to live, and they believe it. Being quartered off promotes productivity; companies and schools realize this. But I feel mankind has become disconnected because of this square obsession. In their boxes, people are so fixated on accruing wealth, knowledge, or success, that they forget the simple joys in life. They forget about simply living, and the entity that allowed for their boxes to be built: Earth.

I’m not advising you to sleep in a tent after reading this article, but I feel this caged lifestyle is wrong. Do you really want to spend your life in a box? Shackled by four walls. Step outside, enjoy your life with the Earth; and in doing so, prevent its destruction in the need to produce more boxes.


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