Second time’s the charm

20 May

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Today, Apple finally decided to approve my second iPhone application – Beamz.  I initially submitted Beamz to the Apple App Store two weeks ago, on May 5th.  In my mind, I had sufficiently tested Beamz.  No bugs, no crashes, smooth gameplay, everything seemed great.  But one week later on May 12th, I received an e-mail from Apple saying that my application was rejected.  Apparently, I had made a very foolish oversight.  I forgot to test the app on a much older version of the iPhone OS.  Sure enough, I loaded the app on my old 1st gen iPhone and it crashed.  I made a couple of quick fixes in the code, and resubmitted the binary to Apple.

Now, one week later, Beamz has been approved – and is now on the Apple App Store.

I spent a lot of time on Beamz, which is kind of strange because it’s a very simple game.  Developing an application during the school year was very difficult.  It was hard to find a solid 1-2 hours where I could just sit down and crunch on development.  And when I did, I would spend a good bit of time figuring out where I left off the last time and what I needed to do.  As the semester went on I got better at this by keeping track of what I was working on, problems I encountered, bugs, and what I still needed to do in a spreadsheet.  This helped a lot.

You’ll note that the graphics and sound in the game are really high quality – and for this I have two guys I found over the internet to thank!  They’re names are in the credits in the App Description so you can check it out there.  We were constantly emailing each other our ideas, feedback, and progress updates throughout the semester.  We collaborated without ever talking face to face over the internet pretty effectively, and it’s fulfilling to finally see our work come to fruition.

So I hope you all go download Beamz now! I’m very excited to move on to a new project, I don’t know what it will be yet – but exciting nonetheless!


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