One Cave to Rule Them All

15 May

Man Cave Skeleton

Just yesterday I finished up my last exam of the year. Shortly after, my father arrived to help me pack-up and move out of the dorm. I’ll admit, deconstructing “the cave” was a hard thing  for me to do. A lot of work had gone into it. A lot of great memories had been shared there. Ups, downs, strides, travails, frolic, drama — The Man Cave saw it all.

Despite my nostalgia, I want to officially announce that The Man Cave lives on! College is not somewhere we have to be to make this happen. Our habitat has simply relocated. This summer I will be blogging from my hometown, which is near Dallas. Mike will be contributing from a little bit farther West ;).

Also, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful start to the summer season. I look forward to starting production of my film, traveling, and, of course, devoting as much time as possible to The Man Cave.

OH!, and a quick aside. The Man Cave now is on YTMND. Check our page here: Uhh.. its pretty B.A… cough…cough

stay cool,


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