Introducing Daniel, the roomate

6 May

Greetings world. My name is Daniel. I am a freshman (soon-to-be sophomore) at the University of Texas at Austin. I am specializing in Business, specifically Management and Finance. I like strobe lights, SOBE pina colada drinks, chips and queso, and attractive women.

Entering my freshman year of college I didn’t know what to expect. I would be rooming with some kid I barely knew. The idea somewhat scared me. What if he was weird? What if he was mean? What if his favorite movie was The Notebook?

Thankfully, all of my concerns washed away as I entered our room, #001 Carothers Dormitory, to find my roomie, Michael, waiting for me.

Turns out, Michael was one of the smartest, coolest people I have ever met. Unfortunately, his favorite movie is The Notebook. But, I guess I can overlook that.

We have collaborated to create an all-purpose blog filled with events/experiences/items we find interesting.

We hope to keep this fun, but still provide relevant, important content.

Please stay tuned as we begin our blogging journey!



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